Eliza the Mouse™ 

As author/illustrator of the Eliza the Mouse series of children's books, she has also created a Mouse Making Guide and Kit, a line of greeting cards, Eliza-themed recipe card set, a coloring book, mini all-occasion notecards, and mini Hyacinth the Hedgehog-themed notecards. Throughout the year she opens her sewing basket for a limited time to receive orders for your very own custom hand-made Eliza the Mouse™. 



Introducing the first book in the Eliza series (spring 2012)

Eliza is a very tiny, very loved, handmade mouse who resides at Grammy's House, a quaint Victorian cottage. She wears hand-knitted and crocheted shawls and a kerchief and has many adventures. But she is always thankful to return to her cottage door at the baseboard of the kitchen in Grammy's House and snuggle into her cozy bed -- that is actually a lovely soap dish.

  • Paperback (matte laminate)
  • 6"x9"
  • 28 pages
  • $12.00




Eliza and a Cottage Door 

Introducing the second book in the Eliza series (spring 2012)

Wherein Eliza receives the gift of a cottage door. The adventures begin when Scout the yorkie discovers the tiny doorway, its new resident, and the newly stitched friend, John Jacob.

  • Paperback (matte laminate)
  • 6"x9"
  • 40 pages
  • $12.00

Eliza Has A Cousin 

Introducing the 3rd book in the Eliza series (summer 2012)

Wherein Eliza discovers she has a cousin who lives faraway in the city, and she and Grammy prepare a special gift for the newly stitched toy mouse who enjoys tea parties on special occasions.

  • Paperback (matte laminate)
  • 6"x9"
  • 32 pages
  • $12.00

Eliza Celebrates a Royal Wedding 

Introducing the 4th book in the Eliza series (fall 2012)

Wherein Eliza receives a lesson in baking cookies. Her package of goodies is received by one very thankful cousin, who lives far away in the city. Both cousins have enjoyed celebrating a Royal Wedding. The recipe for the Victorian Lavender Cookies with Rosewater Icing is included.

  • Paperback (matte laminate)
  • 6"x9"
  • 48 pages
  • $12.00

Pick-A-Pick-A-Pumpkin • A LITTLE RHYME

Introducing the first in the Eliza series "Seasons" a book for autumn.

Join Eliza, the mouse in Grammy's House, as she travels with Cousin City Mouse to gather pumpkins in Amish country. Enjoy the rhyming tale, Pick-a-Pick-Pumpkin, that gives us all a smile.

  • Paperback (matte laminate)
  • 6"x9"
  • 36 pages
  • $12.00



 Here We Go A Gathering

Introducing the second in the Eliza series "Seasons" a book for winter.

This rhyming tale finds Eliza and Cousin City Mouse enjoying an annual tradition of gathering the greenery for Christmastide, along with a festive picnic, the sharing of stories and yummy treats. 

  • Paperback (matte laminate)
  • 6"x9"
  • 32 pages
  • $12.00

Goat's Milk and Gardening

Introducing the third in the Eliza series "Seasons" a book for spring.

Eliza, the mouse at Grammy's House, learns how to stay healthy by drinking her goat's milk and enjoying the fruits of her labor from the garden. A delightful rhyme leads the reader through the planting, harvesting, and consumption of English and Sugar Snap peas.

  • Paperback (matte laminate)
  • 6"x9"
  • 42 pages
  • $12.00

Eliza meets Ella Grace Louise

Introducing the fourth in the Eliza series "Seasons" a book for summer.

Ella Grace Louise is the real life little girl who came high-stepping into Grammy's booth at a Vintage Marketplace. She was more interested in her new red boots than reading a book, but Eliza the Mouse pleads, "Oh won't you read to me.."  At last, just the right book is found! 

Eliza is all about literacy, and believes that no child hates to read, they simply have not found the right book.

  • Hardcover (matte laminate)
  • 5"x8"
  • 36 pages
  • $16.95

Eliza Visits Martha's Vineyard

Introducing the first in the Eliza series "Adventures" a book for summer.

Eliza is a very tiny, very loved, handmade mouse who resides at Grammy's House, a quaint Victorian cottage. She wears hand-knitted and crocheted shawls and a kerchief and has many adventures. She is always thankful to return to her cottage door at the baseboard of the kitchen in Grammy's House and snuggle into her cozy bed that is actually a lovely soap dish. But, meanwhile, she is adventuring on Martha's Vineyard. 

  • Hardcover (matte laminate)
  • 4 1/2"x 5 1/2"
  • 60 pages
  • $14.95

Eliza Visits The Prairie

Introducing the second in the Eliza series "Adventures" a book for spring.

Eliza visits Rachel Ashwell's B&B in Round Top, Texas. This adventure is filled with all things Texas…Bluebonnets, a shabby white calf with pink ears and a pink nose, and all things shabby and chic…fluffy pillows and vintage prom dresses that appear to be dancing in the rafters of the Pearl Barn. Eliza learns she can wear her tutu and tiny crown and ballet slippers, and she WILL fit in...in Texas. 

  • Hardcover (matte laminate)
  • 8 1/2"x11"
  • 70 pages
  • $20.00




Eliza Visits The Ballet 

Introducing the third in the Eliza series "Adventures" a book for winter.

Eliza travels to New York City to attend the 1st performance of the 60th anniversary of George Balanchine's The Nutcracker by the New York City Ballet. She has always dreamed of being a ballerina, but alas, it has remained a dream, for her feet were too wide, her ears were too big, and as hard as she tried, she simply could not twirl. Follow along, as Grammy encourages her to be her best, not what others think or say.

  • Hardcover (matte laminate)
  • 6"x9"
  • 56 pages
  • $16.95

Eliza Will Not be Afraid

Introducing a Bedtime Story.

This is a story for those little ones who have you looking for monsters behind the curtains and in the closets, at bedtime. Eliza is comforted as Grammy finds sweet Bible verses hidden behind the doors and tucked between the shutters.

  • Paperback (matte laminate)
  • 6"x9"
  • 24 pages
  • $3.00

Eliza (The Mouse in Grammy's House) • A MOUSE MAKING GUIDE

This Guide was initially created for a kit that included supplies for making a linen mouse, wearing a shawl and kerchief created from a vintage handkerchief. It may be used with the updated Mouse-Making Kit, realizing the materials have been changed in order to create a mouse similar to the Original Eliza the Mouse TM which is made from natural cotton batting with a cotton wicking tail.

  • Paperback (matte laminate)
  • 6"x9"
  • 12 pages
  • $10.00

The Fox Family of Franklin 

(This is the only Tale that is NOT about Eliza the Mouse TM)

I hope you'll enjoy this whimsical tale of our storybook town through the eyes of the little family of foxes of Franklin.

  • Paperback (matte laminate)
  • 6"x9"
  • 16 pages
  • $10.00



Eliza The Mouse™

Handmade Eliza Mouse

This is the little mouse that created such a stir in Grammy's House, that a series of books has been written about her. 

The original Eliza (pictured wearing her tutu and tiara) was created based on a pattern by Wendy Brown of Stag Lane Primitives. 

Your mouse will be created in a similar fashion, of coffee-dyed natural cotton batting, felt ears and feet, black glass bead eyes, and a cotton wicking tail.

She will be dressed in a knitted shawl (choose the shade Lavender, with green silk ribbon ties, Brown, with Hydrangea Blue silk ribbon ties, or Rose Water Pink, with pink silk ribbon ties.)

Or, you may choose to have her dressed as the Sugar Plum Fairy, in her Tutu and Tiara.

Her stuffing will be cotton, grown by the students at Orlando Junior Academy in Orlando, Florida, in their edible education garden. 

Let your adventures begin with a custom made Eliza mouse. 

Created, Signed, and numbered by the Author/Illustrator Christie Jones Ray

(Kerchief (made from handkersniff) not included)


Hyacinth the Hedgehog miniature cottage notecards

Hyacinth the Hedgehog…who lives on Hollyhock Lane…with her darling Hedgie Hubby, Horatio..
Is so pleased the miniature notecards..
featuring her girlie, be-ribboned ballet slipper wearing image..
are available in the Rose Water Cottage Etsy shoppe link below.

This set of Notecards was created
to help one sweet sister-in-love celebrate her 50th birthday. 
She LOVES hedgehogs.


Eliza the Mouse™ Kit

*Natural Cotton Batting
*Pink Wool Felt
*2 Black glass beads
*Cotton Wicking (coffee-dyed)
*DMC embroidery floss (pale pink)
*Lavender buds
*Natural cotton (with seeds) for stuffing your mouse
*Mousie-sized rolling pin with "Pink Hydrangea" painted handles

GIFT WITH PURCHASE …a wooden spool and a paper doily for making a table for your mousie's cottage.


NOTE: Eliza the Mouse ™ is trademarked (her name and her image) These kits are for making a mouse of your own or for a friend/loved one and not for making mice for resale. Thank you.


Anne Shirley Quotes 5x7 Cottage Greeting Cards Set (blank inside)

It wasn't until I was a Grammy, that I discovered Anne Shirley, 
Anne of Green Gables.
As a young girl, I was so consumed with
Laura Ingalls Wilder..
and Holly Hobbie…
and Joan Walsh Anglund (always trying my hand at imitating her sweet illustrations )



Eliza's Coloring Book

Eliza the Mouse at Grammy's House  "A Coloring Book"


Eliza Themed Recipe Cards and Dividers

Eliza Themed Recipe cards and dividers… (Breads, Veggies, Main Dish, Desserts)

5 lined recipe cards per each divider

4" x 5 1/4"



Passport For Eliza The Mouse

Oh, Eliza…the places you will go!

For all your mouse's adventures, here is his/her Passport~Journal. Snap a photo of your toy mouse (Passport size) and affix to the pink square on the first page. Collect ticket stubs, photos, etc. from his/her travels …even press a special blossom or leaf, collected along the way. 

Think of all the places that offer to stamp…libraries, national parks, Epcot…(have your journal stamped, just like a real Passport)

Document your mouse's journey in this hand-painted 5"x8 1/4" moleskin notebook. 

Choose which image, in the options ...Eliza wearing: Tutu, Pink Shawl, Brown Shawl, Lavender Shawl, or if you want this for a boy mouse, choose the John Jacob option.

If you'd like your Passport personalized... in the comment section, list the mouse's name, the owner's name, and hometown, state, country.

A Cottage Happy Birthday

My mother makes the best coconut cake.

It's one of those 3 day coconut cakes.

She taught me how to make it…

and on the recipe card, she added ..

"Place in air-tight container in refrigerator for 3 days before cutting (Very important and the hardest part)"


A Cottage Thank You 5x7 greeting card (blank inside)

Hydrangeas…one of my favorite flowers..

grace the cover of this greeting.

When I was a little girl, we traveled to Kentucky to visit my daddy's parents and family. 

We'd drive the winding country roads in our wood paneled 1972 Pontiac Stationwagon.

From the back seat, I'd look off to the white farmhouses, 

and I'd drool over those big blue and pink round blooms that dotted the shrubs against their porches.


Beatrix Potter Quote …5x7 greeting card

Reading through the Beatrix Potter Journal, I came across a quote of something she said, all the way back in 1896…

and it became my motto,

my explanation for my occasional escape into whimsy…

that spirit-world of childhood..

…that world that is Eliza…the Mouse in Grammy's House.


All-Occasion miniature notecards

These little notecards are the perfect size for slipping into a dear friend's hand, tucking into a secret sister/ baby shower/wedding/birthday/hostess gift.

8 designs…4 of each…32 cards, in all

(No envelopes included)


Sweet Baby Greeting Card

"Was ever there a sweeter fragrance

Was ever there a softer coo..

Of doves or angels from a distance,

I will vow, I never knew…"

This verse came to me in the wee hours one morning in the spring of 2012.


Speedy Recovery • 5 x 7 get well greeting card (blank inside)

As a young mommy in 1980 something, I came down with a terrible cold. 

A wise friend of mine delivered to my home ...
a market basket lined with a pretty new dish towel
and filled with the most effective "medicine" …
a container of homemade chicken noodle soup, 
a potted violet, and one of her favored old issues of Country Living Magazine. 

I have never forgotten that gift of comfort. 


Teapot Ornaments

Teapot ornaments, hanging from hand-dyed seam binding ribbon in pink, blue, or lavender. German Glass Glitter, in a combination of Cameo, Platinum, & Robin's Egg, covers the die-cut teapot.




Mousie-sized knitted shawls

Mousie-sized knitted shawls with coordinating silk hand-dyed ribbon.

(available shades for shawl: Lavender with green silk ribbon ties, Brown with Hydrangea Blue silk ribbon ties, and Rose Water Pink with Pink silk ribbon ties)


Tutu and Tiara for your custom Eliza Mouse

At Christmastide, 2014, Eliza the Mouse visited the Nutcracker Ballet in New York City. She dressed as the Sugar Plum Fairy, wearing a sparkling tiara and a shimmering tutu.

I am tickled to offer this set…a tiny tiara and tutu threaded with whisper pink hand-dyed silk ribbon, perfect for a visit to the ballet.

Also, look for the next Eliza adventure, Eliza Visits the Ballet, which will be the prequel to Eliza Visits The Prairie…due for release, Fall 2016. Sweet Mousie is featured in both, wearing her shimmering tutu and sparkling tiara.

***Eliza the mouse is not included but can be ordered separately, either wearing her knitted shawl and kerchief, or in Sugar Plum Fairy costume.